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Nursing, Care Home and Day Nursery Finance

Strong growth sectors

Smiling old man with carerIn spite of the current economic uncertainty, the healthcare and day nursery sectors continue to remain buoyant.

There is little doubt that people are living longer.  Medical advances and a trend towards healthier lifestyles has resulted in a significant increase in the older populations. While this is excellent news, there are some significant social consequences.

Older people are often unable to look after themselves in their later years. The demand for resources to care for them is growing. Family and friends often help, but the demand is also being met by a growing sector of care providers. In fact, the figure for older people in care homes now approaches 500,000 in the U.K. alone.

Similarly, the demand for quality day nursery places is rising very significantly. These offer an excellent return on investment if run well and to the highest standards.

Operating a nursing home or day nursery can be a very fulfilling career move. However, providers do need the appropriate qualifications and business experience. Over recent years we have helped many clients establish or purchase nursing homes and day nurseries. We have also forged strong relationships with a range of specialist lenders keen to support borrowers at very favourable terms.

There is a wide range of specialist care, nursing home and day nursery finance products available to borrowers. The challenge is to find the product that best suits your particular needs and circumstances. That is precisely where the services of a specialist broker such as Fusion Finance can make all the difference. Firstly, we bring expertise along with access to the wider lender market including private banks and funds. Secondly, we aim to find you the best funding for your particular circumstances. Finally, our help and advice are impartial, in confidence and given without obligation.

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